Personal Training 


All personal training is conducted by owner and Head Coach Joe Cottle. 

It does not matter what shape, size, age or gender you are, if you know in your head and heart you want to make a lifestyle change to become healthier and fitter then that is what you need to do. With a professional approach and a wide knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition, I am here to help and guide you to achieve your personal goals.

 I have a large client base of all ages, shapes, sizes and genders and each client is different. I work with the individual to ensure they are safe and in an enjoyable environment to workout.

Each personal training session is structured specifically to the individual to gain the most out of the client both physically and mentally. Each session will test you physically and push you to your physical limits with an encouraging yet hardworking atmosphere. Your sessions will be enjoyable and rewarding and will really show you what you can acheive.

The hardest step is the first step. Just go for it and you wont look back!

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We understand that paying out for a block of sessions can be difficult and unworkable so we have introduced a monthly standing order payment scheme to make things more manageable for both parties. 

We run the pricing off a monthly tariff basis just like a membership. The incentive for this is that you pay less and train more depending on how many weeks are in each month. The more sessions you train, the better value for money. 

1:1 PT 1 hour sessions

£160 - 1 session a week 

£280 - 2 sessions a week 

£420 - up to 3 sessions a week

£510 - up to 4 sessions a week


Pairs PT 1 hour sessions

£250 - 1 session a week 

£400 - 2 sessions a week 

£580 - up to 3 sessions a week

£760 - up to 4 sessions a week

These are set prices. All payments to be paid on 1st each month by direct debit.

If you have any questions at all regarding Personal Training then please do not hesitate to contact me: joe@commandofitbristol.co.uk