Personal Training and bootcamp


1:1 Personal Training     ||     Pairs Personal Training     ||     Groups 3-6 Personal Training

What is included: PT sessions, Nutritional plan, Home and gym HIIT workouts.

It does not matter what shape, size, age or gender you are, if you know in your head and heart you want to make a lifestyle change to become healthier and fitter, then that is what you need to do. With a professional approach and a wide knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition CommandoFit Bristol is here to help and guide you to achieve your personal goals.

 We have a large client base of all ages, shapes, sizes and genders and each client is different. We work with the individual to ensure you a safe and enjoyable environment in which to workout.

Each personal training session is structured specifically to the individual to gain the most out of the client both physically and mentally. Each session will test you physically and push you to your physical limits with an encouraging yet hardworking atmosphere. Your sessions will be enjoyable and rewarding whilst testing your physical limits.

CommandoFit Bristol Personal Training is for anyone and everyone of any fitness level.


Tuesdays  and Thursdays - 19:30 - 20:30

£35 - 1 session a week

£60 - 2 sessions a week

£25 - any 3 sessions over the course of the month

*all payments are to be paid electronically, no cash excepted. 

Bootcamp Deals: 

All deals are based on a month’s training from 1st of each month until month end. If you join anytime mid month each session will be charged at £8 per session for the remainder of that month. From the 1st of the following month you will start the monthly tariffs.

Sign up to one of our deals and receive, your bootcamp sessions, a nutritional plan to follow and lots of home and gym HIIT workouts for you to smash!! 

 All of our workouts are structured around timed intervals so it doesn't matter if you are a fitness ninja or a complete beginner, as long as you work to your maximum you will get out what you put in.

Come and enjoy a great all over body workout in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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