Online Programming

" Programming " is structure. Structure every time you go to the gym and do a workout.

following a programme eliminates the whole process of walking around aimlessly not really knowing what you are going to do and ultimetly wasting time. 

Having structure to your gym sessions ensures you maximise every session therefor making progress. How many times have you gone to the gym and not really been sure on what you are going to do? Spend a little time on this and do a few of those... lets be honest, its a waste of time and money. 

With CFB Programming we have given each of your sessions structure. All you do is log into your programme at the gym and your session is written down for you to follow. Its really that easy. 

What does our online programme look like?

Monthly programming includes: PER WEEK: ( 5 sessions per week )

2 x Strength Sessions ( compound movements, isolation movements )

1 x Metabolic Conditioning Session ( high intensity ) 

1 x Olympic Weightlifting Session 

1 x Aerobic Capacity Session ( long workout )

This programme is designed for people who want to make the most out of their training from absolute beginner to fitness ninja. Work to your capacity and reap the rewards. Structure to your training is absolutly vital for progression. 

How much is the programme?

The cost of CFB Programming is just £13 per month.

16-20 sessions per month 

How do I sign up to CFB Programming?

Follow the link and get yourself signed up now:

CommandoFit Bristol Programming