55+ Membership Option

Age is just a number here at CommandoFit Bristol. 

We belive it is never too late to keep your fitness as a priority that is why we have a 55+ membership option. 

This class is designed to keep you moving at a steady pace and within your capcity. The class is designed so that if you want to try and push yourself you can but if its just a case of wanting to stay active and move more then thats also great! Work to your capacity and enjoy the benifits of funtional fitness we cover in the gym into your day to day life outside of they gym. 

We have guys on this membership option ranging from late 50's to late 70's so dont think its not for you. We cater for everyone and work around any injuries you may have or limitations. Thats the joy of this membership option. 


We offer 3 coached classes a week and 2 uncoached classes ( workout of the day pre written for you to complete ) 

Coached Classes: 1030-1130 - Monday - Wednesday - Friday

Uncoached Classes: 1030-1130 - Tuesdays and Thursdays

We offer a FREE taster session to everybody here at CommandoFit Bristol so come down and give it a go!